Project Description

For me, SFX epitomizes this saying by Maya Dev: “We are all members of the human family, and truly we are all limbs of one body, there is bits and pieces of everyone in us and we are in everyone else. As such we are closer to everyone else around us than we think.”

The service rendered at SFX goes far beyond the provision of free food to the guests. As most of the guest are either homeless or battling with various socioeconomic struggles, for most of them this is the only time during the week they get treated with utmost dignity and respect, as they are often treated otherwise and avoided by many as they linger on the streets of New York. As such they are usually very grateful for the sincerity of purpose displayed by the volunteers.

RCMNYC Member Ahmed Otokiti


The St. Francis Xavier Welcome Table (SFX) is one of the service projects of our club. Our members provide volunteer help to guests who come in every Sunday for free hot meals. We assist in serving food to the guests, cleaning up the dining hall and dishes, acting as “ambassadors” and other assigned duties.

Open every Sunday, a day when most other soup kitchens in NYC are closed, the Welcome Table serves 900-1300 hot meals each week. They strive to go beyond the emergency need of food by also providing their guests with assistance in obtaining government benefits, free chiropractic treatments, legal referrals, and voter registration drives. RCMNYC is there on the second Sunday of each month. It is always a rewarding experience! If you would like to join us at SFX one day, check our upcoming events for the next time we will be at SFX.



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