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An important distinction between Rotary and other organizations is that membership in Rotary is by invitation. Rotary clubs invite individuals to join and become members.

Membership is vital to a Rotary club’s operations and community service activities. A primary goal of the club is to continually expand the club with committed members who have the interest and ability to get involved in service and humanitarian projects.

The membership process

Often a person being considered for membership is invited by a member/sponsor to attend one or more club meetings to learn more about Rotary.

An individual who is interested in membership but doesn’t know any Rotarians can contact our club directly.

Current Policies and Procedures adopted by the Board for becoming a Member of Rotary Club of Metro New York City:

1) Find a Sponsor who is any current member in good standing. The Director of Membership will assist in finding a sponsor.

2) Submit a resume (one page preferred), a short one paragraph statement of why they want to be a Rotarian in Metro NYC Rotary, and two letters of recommendation from any non-family professional or vocational relation. The letters of recommendation must include contact information for the reference, and references must be prepared to receive a phone call or other communication from a Metro NYC Board member. Transferring Rotarians must have at least one of their references come from a member of their previous club’s board of directors.

3) Attend at least three regular meetings and participate in one club project.

4) At any time after the candidate has attended two meetings and submitted the above materials to the Director of Membership, the member can be interviewed by three board members. This interview can be either in person or otherwise.

5) The Director of Membership shall review the materials and forward to the Board for review and vote. A majority of board members approving the membership shall allow the Director of Membership to submit the candidate to the entire club for possible objections.

6) The candidate does NOT have to complete the meeting and project requirements before consideration by the board, but must complete the requirements prior to being inducted. Also, once all materials and requirements are met by the candidate the board MUST vote and provide an answer to the candidate within thirty days.

7) Once the Board submits the candidate to the club for objections, the club has a week to object. Otherwise the candidate may be inducted at the following regular meeting. Objections shall be handled by a vote of the board and can be overruled by a majority of the board.

8) Dues and short biography must be collected before induction. Induction shall be accompanied by a pin and a short speech about the meaning and importance of Rotary.