World Polio Day Fundraiser October 24th, 2018 from 6-9pm

Save the date! Join us for a vibrant night of fellowship while we raise awareness and funds to support the worldwide eradication of Polio. We’ll be gathering at an exclusive midtown venue with entertainment, raffle prizes and international cuisine.


Help members of RC Metro serve up to 1,300 meals to people in need.

Bollywood in the Hamptons Event Nets $11K for NOMI!

The Rotary Club of Metro New York City thanks all those who made Bollywood in the Hamptons such a success!  Together we have raised net proceeds of  over $11,000 for Nomi Network.  Shoppers on the day purchased nearly $2,000 in products in the Nomi Network tent.

Very good progress of “Leg for Legless”

The implementation of the Global Grant, Leg for Legless (LFL), has been making very good progress. The goal of the grant was to distribute a minimum of 1500 limbs at a cost of under $30 a piece. Since August 2015 till…